• Management of Lymphoedema

    Management of Lymphoedema

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We are delighted to announce that we now   offer treatment for the management of lymphoedema, if you are struggling with this then please contact our clinic on 01744 738369 where our team will be happy to help. 


Lymphoedema is one of the most neglected conditions in modern society. It is described as a chronic swelling of a limb usually lasting for more than 3 months.  Whilst it’s not curable it can be controlled with the specialist intervention and treatment techniques which are evidence based and proven to work to alleviate the devastating effects of living with this debilitating condition.

 Chronic oedema or lymphoedema is a major health problem which is reaching endemic proportions. Often underdiagnosed with a vast variability of care. Often a consequence of other medical conditions but most commonly secondary to cancer survivorship, increased ageing and post op complications.

Lymphoedema does not discriminate, there are no limitations; it can affect anyone at any time. The consequences of which can be life limiting; but early diagnosis and treatment can prevent hospital admissions, cellulitis and further health complications. 

Our physiotherapist at St Helens and WA Physiotherapy have undertaken an intensive and specialist lymphoedema training to provide the best treatments to you, when you need it, without the need for referral from your medical team.

 We will take a thorough history and examination and then provide you with the best options, individually tailored to suit your goals and requirements. We have access to the best hosiery; therapy tools and you will have peace of mind that not only are you getting the care you need but that you will be supported through your journey along the way.


Our open approach means that we are able to provide hands on treatment, exercises, self-management techniques and adjuncts such as light and compression therapy to ensure you have all of the possibilities to improve or manage your condition most effectively.

For more information about this service or to find out how to book, please contact us on 01744 738 369 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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