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Exercise is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and we at St Helens and WA Physiotherapy are keen to incorporate physiotherapy into your treatment programme. Your physiotherapist will provide you with an individually prescribed exercises after your initial assessment and you will told how often to carry them out. This  may  be a combination of stretches, mobilising or strengthening exercises. The physiotherapist may also encourage you to increase your overall level of fitness to aid your recovery and this will be discussed on an individual level.

If you are a sports person, your exercises will be tailored to your sport to enhance your skills and ot prevent your symptoms reoccurring.

There is significant evidence to suggest that people who lead an active lifestyle are less likely to suffer from illness and are more likely to live longer. The benefits of exercise are well known and include:

  • Helping to maintain blood pressure 
  • Reducing your risk of stroke and heart attack
  • Weight management
  • Helping to manage blood sugar levels in diabetics
  • Improving your mood and general well being

Remember, if you have not done any general exercise for a while or if you suffer from any underlying medical problems, you should speak to your GP or practice nurse first. However, the exercises provided to you by your physiotherapist will be safe and will be tailored to your individual needs and general health.

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