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Acupuncture is a Chinese treatment that dates back some thousands of years and achieves a therapeutic effect by introducing sterile, disposable needles into specific points on the surface of the body. In Chinese medicine, the person is regarded as being made up of three facets: body, mind and spirit. Each part is very important and is closely related to the other two. If problems arise in one part, this can affect the general well-being and can affect the balance of the other facets.

The body is thought to be self-repairing with life force or energy (Ch'i) being vital to harmony and well-being. The two components of Ch'i are Yin and Yang, these two energy forms need to be balanced. The Chinese consider that this energy flows through channels called meridians and illness or pain is considered an obstruction to this flow and imbalance will occur.

The Chinese approach to treatment is treat these meridians by stimulation specific acupuncture points depending on your symptoms.

The Western view is that acupuncture can influence the release of natural painkillers called endorphins. Acupuncture points are also thought to be linked to trigger points in muscles that can generate a pain response.

Following your assessment, if acupuncture is considered to be appropriate the physiotherapist will discuss this further. You will be told the expected effects and potential risks and you will be given a leaflet to read. If you agree to acupuncture treatment, you will be asked to sign a consent form. You are able to change your mind at any time.

The needles that are used are very fine and very little pain should be experienced. Occasionally, slight discomfort may occur depending on the acupuncture point. Taking a deep breath prior to the needle being inserted can help to reduce this discomfort. The needles used in this clinic are single use only and are disposed of in a sharps box that is provided by and changed by the local council. Needles are NEVER used again. The clinic has a license which is granted by St. Helens Council and all staff who are acupuncture trained also have individual licenses.?

All of the physiotherapists practising acupuncture at St Helens Physiotherapy are members of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists. We are able to provide blood donor certificates which are accepted by the Blood Transfusion Service to allow you to give blood after acupuncture treatment. If you require a certificate, please ask your physiotherapist.

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